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In order to link an embedded project with relevant server project, you need to have an Administer Project permission assigned.

Linking replaces the privately embedded project (also referred as the local project) with a relevant server project.

An embedded project appears in your project after you:

The embedded project can be:

However, being not a server project, it has no versions and cannot be updated.

If a relevant project is stored on the server (it may be added to the server individually – apart from the project, which uses it), you can easily link the embedded project with it.


To link an embedded project with relevant server project

  1. In the Model Browser, under Project Usages, right-click the embedded project.
  2. Select Project Usages > Project Usage Options. The Project Usages dialog opens. The embedded project is already selected.
  3. Click the Link with Server Project button (see the following figure). The Use Server Project wizard opens.
    Linking the embeded project with server project
  4. Select a server project that you want to link the embedded project with and click Next.
    First step of the Use Server Project wizard
  5. Select a version of that server project you want to link with and click Finish (see the following figure). The wizard closes.
    Second step of the Use Server Project wizard
  6. In the Project Usages dialog, see the selected server project instead of the embedded project.
    Newly used server project in the Project Usages dialog
  7. Click OK to close the dialog.

The following figure highlights differences of displaying unlinked embedded project and the one linked with the server project, that is, converted to the used project.

Differences in displaying embeded and used projects in the model




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