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In order to manage project usages, you need to have an Administer Project permission assigned.

In real life, all large things are built from smaller parts. The same statement applies for large Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) projects.

We recommend project partitioning, when the model has weakly dependent parts, for example, type libraries, models of different phases of software/system development, and so forth. A part of the model moved to a separate project can be used in many projects. From the perspective of the project, which uses elements from other project, that other project is referred as a project usage or used project.

You can easily detach a selected part of the model by exporting it to a separate TWCloud project and then re-use in other server projects. Since projects are used as read-only, you cannot modify their contents directly from the main project. To modify a used project, you should open it as stand-alone. If there is a need, you can simply switch to another used project version.

If you no longer need to have a fragment of the model in a separate project, you can import this project into the main project. Moreover, you can stop using the project.

TWCloud project usages can be managed in the Project Usages dialog, which opens after you select Options > Project Usages.

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