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The Teamwork Cloud server supports the offline modeling by allowing you:

  • To work with the project (read/edit) when a connection to the server is not available.
  • To save intermediate changes locally (privately), and commit changes to the server when it is required.
  • To save time by saving changes locally, which is much faster than committing directly to the server.

In the offline project, you can:

  • Edit elements that are locked by a current user.
  • Edit element symbols of elements that are locked by a current user.
  • Create new elements/diagrams in the model.
  • Review a project structure (used projects), project options, and styles.
  • Save changes locally.
  • Use a local project (if permissions allow).

When the connection is established, you are able to commit and/or update project changes, and lock or unlock project elements.

You  should save the online project locally to make it an offline project.


To save an online project locally

  1. Open a server project.
  2. From the main menu, select one of the following:
    • CollaborateSaves Changes Locally / Make available offline.
    • File > Save Project.
  3. The project is saved to the user home directory.

Not a local copy of a server project

Pay attention, this is not a local copy of a server project!  All user locks are permissions that are saved within the project, so the offline project can be committed to the server later.

To open an offline project

  1. From the Collaborate menu, select either Open Server Project (or press Ctrl+Shift+O), or Projects.
  2. In the open dialog, click the Offline Projects tab and select the offline project to open.

You can open the project as it is saved locally (without checking for the latest updates) or open the project and update it automatically from the server, if a connection is available. To include updates, right-click the selected project and select Update Project After Load for each project you want to update when loading.

The selection to update is persistent

Keep in mind that if you select to update the project after loading it is persistent and remains selected after reloading the project.

In the title bar, you can see information about project opened from TWCloud. This information allows to distinguish the Online from the Offline projects:

In case if the Online project is opened, the title bar will show: 

  • Modeling tool name and version,
  • Project name,
  • Project trunk or branch,
  • Project version,
  • Server name,
  • User.

In case if the Offline project is opened, the title bar will show:

  • Project name,
  • Project trunk or branch,
  • Project version,
  • Server name,
  • Last user who saved the project,
  • Available Offline.