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By default, all the packages in the project can be reviewed and modified by any Teamwork Cloud user.

There are two levels of permissions:

  • The Global permission specifies which permission is applied for the all project packages for all users:
    • To restrict editing of the selected package leaving the rest of the model editable, select Read-Write as Global permission.
    • To restrict editing of the entire model leaving only the selected package editable, select Read-Only as Global permission.
    For each package, the global permission can be over-specified by the package permission.

  • Package permissions specify what permissions are applied for a particular package for a particular user. If the package permission does not have any permission specified, the global permission is valid.

If you want to restrict editing of some package for a specific user or users group, you can easily do this by modifying the package permissions. You can modify package permissions, if you have the Manage model permissions permission on that project. Select:

  • Read-Only to restrict editing of the package for the selected user.
  • Read-Write to allow editing of the package for the selected user.

By default, Read-Write as Global permission is assigned to the project and Read-Only permission is assigned to the package.

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