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Every time a project is committed, a new version of that project is created. Each project can have many historical versions. Versions can be tagged.
The number of project version is shown in the title of the client application (for example, MagicDraw or a Cameo Suite product, such as Cameo Systems Modeler) window - see the highlighted area in the following figure.


The project version number is highlighted.

To review historical versions of a Teamwork Cloud project

  1. From the Collaborate menu, select Projects or Open Server Project. The Manage Projects or Open Server Project dialog opens appropriately.
  2. Select the project, whose historical versions you want to review.
  3. Do either:

    • Click Project History on the toolbar of the open project.
    • Right-click the selected project and from the shortcut menu, select Project HistoryProject History.
  4. In the History dialog, review a list of all versions of the selected project. If a version has tags, you can see them next to the version number.

Reviewing versions of a project.

Also, you can review comments and tags of any historical version as well as edit or add new tags to it and set that version as the latest one.

To review comments and tags

  1. In the History dialog, select a project version, whose properties you need to review and edit.
  2. Click the Properties button. The Version Properties dialog opens with version comments displayed by default.
  3. If you need to review and edit version tags, click the Tag tab. After the Tab opens, do ether:
    • If you need to edit a tag, select it and click Edit.
    • If you need to add a new tag, click Add.


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