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In order to start using a project in your current project, you need to have an Administer Project permission assigned.

If you want to use an element from a local or other Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) project, you must use that project in your project first. Projects can be used only in the read-only mode.


To start using a server project in your project

  1. Select one of the following:
    • Options > Project Usages
    • Collaborate > Project Usages > Project usages
      The Project Usages dialog opens.

  2. Click the Add button and then select Use Server Project (see the following figure). The Use Server Project wizard opens.
    Selecting to add new usage
  3. Select a server project that you want to start using and click Next.
    First step of the Use Server Project wizard
  4. Select a version of that server project you want to use and click Finish (see the following figure). The wizard closes.
    Second step of the Use Server Project wizard
  5. Wait while the usage to the selected project is established.
  6. In the Project Usages dialog, see the selected server project added to the usages of your project.
    New usage in the Project Usages dialog
    The used project version shows which version is used and what is the latest project version (for example, #2/3 means that project version 2 is used but the version 3 is the latest project version). 
    Select Notify on New Version to get an instant notification about changes of used projects to keep them always up to date.

    Used project

    Please note, the whole content of a used project is added to the main project.

  7. Click OK to close the dialog.

The selected server project also appears in the Model Browser, under the package Project Usages.

Once the usage to the project is established, you can start using its elements, for example, select them as types in your project.

Establishing the usage to a local project is very similar. In this case, you don't have to select project version, since local projects don't have them.

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