MagicDraw 18.5 Documentation

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  • Command parameters containing spaces must be enclosed in quotes, for example, "UML Standard Profile".
  • Command parameters are case sensitive, except project, imageFormat and recursive which are not case-sensitive.
  • Blank spaces (“ “) separate commands and parameters.
  • To specify a package name that contains a semicolon (;), you can use a backslash (\). For example, the package name “com;nomagic” can be typed by using “com\;nomagic”. The backslash followed by a semicolon (\;) is not considered to be a character separator.
  • For a parameter that contains unicode characters such as Thai, you can use the xml properties file to generate a report. The properties file does not support the unicode encoding.
  • A field entry consists of a name-value pair. The name and value formats are specified by [name=value] pattern strings. A valid name must start with a letter (a-z or A-Z) and can be followed by any letter, digit, or underscore.
  • You can specify a field name that consists of brackets ( [ ] ) by using backslashes ( \ ). For example, "[author=NoMagic][Revision=[1.0]]" will be typed as "[author=NoMagic][Revision=\[1.0\]]".
  • Either -package or -element can be used with the Generate command. For example, you can use -package without -element.
  • If -upload is specified to the command line. Its value is validated and executed after a report has been generated.


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