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This page explains the content of the cell in the Dependency matrix. The following sections describe the Dependency matrix areas and cell content:

Rows, columns, and cells in the Dependency matrix

The Dependency matrix contains the following areas:

The main areas of the Dependency matrix. The illustration displays concepts from the SysML Plugin.

Representation of the dependencies in a cell

The default representation of the dependencies in the cells includes the following:

  • Arrowed diagonal. The direction of the arrow is from the client element to the supplier element.

Arrowed diagonal representation

The representation of the arrowed diagonal is different when the same elements are connected through:

  • One dependency , e.g., .
  • Two dependencies, e.g., and .
  • More than two dependencies, e.g., , .
  • Diagonal. Elements depend on each other.


You can specify the colors and line styles used to represent the relationships in your dependency matrices. How to specify relationship line styles >

Numbers in the Dependency matrix

There are three types of numbers directly in the matrix (see the following figure):

  1. The number of dependencies in the row.
  2. The number of dependencies in the column.
  3. The number of criteria in the cell.

The details of a cell

Move your mouse over a cell to view details of the dependency (relationship) represented in the cell. The ToolTip displays information about the relationships.

The ToolTip displays information about existing relations between Over Pressure Valve and Anto Black-flow Valve Blocks. The illustration displays concepts from SysML Plugin.
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