MagicDraw 18.5 Documentation

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Validation checks the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of a model, marks invalid elements in the model, and suggests solutions.

Models are validated against a set of validation rules. Each validation rule captures some imperative conditions, which must be checked against the model. Validation rules are grouped into meaningful groups called validation suites. There are predefined validation suites that you can customize. You can also create your own rules and group them into suites.

Some validation rules are active, that is, they run all the time.

The validation can run either on the entire model or on a selected part of it. All the elements in that scope are checked against relevant validation rules, and elements that violate these rules are reported in the Validation Results panel, plus they are marked in the Model Browser, and their symbols are highlighted. Diagrams, tables, matrices, and relation maps that display these highlighted symbols have validation results marker bar.

You can analyze invalid elements and solve problems by selecting appropriate commands from the invalid element or symbol shortcut menu or in the Validation Results panel.

Validation rules and suites can be exported into separate project in order to reuse them and stored in the Teamwork Server or Teamwork Cloud server for exchange.