MagicDraw 19.0 LTR Documentation

Use the following table to solve any registration related issues.


Registration is requested at each startup.

The Registration dialog opens each time your modeling tool starts, until you register the product installation. Click the Register Later button to close the Registration dialog.

We recommended that you register your installation. Registration is simple and allows you to access dedicated online support, evaluate new products and more.

Registration confirmation is requested at each startup.

If you do not click the registration confirmation link, installation will not be confirmed. You may request a new confirmation email from the registration confirmation message.

No email with a confirmation link is received.

Your mail box spam or anti-virus filter may filter out the e-mail with a confirmation link. Check your spam folder, or request a new confirmation e-mail by clicking Help > Register in the main menu.

Message appears saying there is no connection to the registration server.

Check your internet connection.

Note that registration is not necessary to use a modeling tool.

The Registration dialog does not open at modeling tool startup.

This may happen for a few reasons:

  • You registered less than 30 days ago.
  • There are network limitations preventing a modeling tool from checking your registration status.

Note that registration is not necessary to use a modeling tool.

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