The product license is identified by the license key. The license key is a license key file: *.lic or *.txt.

There are three license types: seat, mobile, floating. Additionally, special licenses for the academic community are available:

These license keys may be:

  • Demo - When you download a product demo version, the demo key will be sent to you automatically by email (to the email address that you provided when registering to
  • Evaluation - If you already have installs and need a full evaluation key for a temporary license, please contact your assigned account executive.

  • Commercial – A purchased license that requires activation.

    After installing a commercial not purchased plugin, it has the evaluation license type applied, which allows using the plugin for 7 days before it expires or a new evaluation key is added. Please contact your assigned account executive for an extended plugin evaluation license.

  • Commercial with expiration – If you purchase the product using a purchase order (with delayed payment), you will receive the commercial license key with the concrete expiration date.


For the seat and mobile type commercial paid licenses, the commercial license activation is required after completing the purchase transaction. The activation process allows receiving the commercial license dedicated to a particular computer. Both online and offline activations are available.


  • Only commercial activated licenses are locked to the particular computer.
  • During the activation process, identification and registration are required.
  • Commercial unactivated keys allow you to use the software for 7 days according to obtained licenses, before requesting activation. License keys that are not yet activated are used to identify the account that made the purchase.

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