• All the projects are saved or committed to the server.
  • Modeling tool is disconnected from the server.


The automatic update checks the update servers and offers the latest program versions and service packs automatically.

  1. In the modeling tool main menu, click Help > Check for Updates.
  2. In the Update Information dialog, do one of the following:
    • Click Update to New Version, to apply the latest released product version.
    • Click Apply Patch, to apply the latest released service pack.
  3. When you receive the message that the software will shut down, click OK.
  4. If you are updating to the new version, when you receive the message that the deactivation is successful, click OK. Then start the modeling tool.

    This message appears for seat / standalone and mobile license owners only.

To check the modeling tool version, from the Help menu, select About <modeling tool> and then click the Licensing tab.

If you are using a client integrated with any IDE, please reintegrate the client with this IDE after updating.

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