There are three ways to check if the FlexNet server is running:

  1. Log on  to the FlexNet License Server management Web interface. The default address is http://localhost:8090 or use your server name (http://<server name>:8090). If connection is established, the FlexNet server is running. 
  2. Check the lmadmin task status in:
    • Task Manager on Windows
    • Activity Monitor on OS X
    • System Monitor on Linux
    If the status is Running, the FlexNet server is running.
  3. Open the lmadmin.log file which can be found in <lmadmin installation directory>\logs. Lines in the following example identify that lmadmin is successfully started and the FlexNet server is running:

    2015-12-09 20:28:31,781 root.LicenseEngine started without redundancy.
    2015-12-09 20:28:31,958 root.Vendor (cameo) started.
    2015-12-09 20:28:31,778 root Version: build 166859 (2015.06.16-10.40.53)

If the FlexNet server is not running, open the lmadmin.log file, found in <lmadmin installation directory>\logs. The installation error codes are listed there. Use the error codes to try to find a solution in the FlexNet server License Administration Guide:

If you still can't identify the server starting problem, please contact our support team.

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