Only the commercial paid license requires activation.


  • The machine on which the modeling tool is installed has connection to the Internet.
  • You have the license key (which is not activated*) or the license owner account credentials. 

* Not activated license

 A not activated license is only used to determine the account on and allows use of the software for 7 days according to obtained licenses, before requesting activation.

Example: MagicDraw_Enterprise_18.0_LTR_Seat_License_Key_For_ID.txt


  1. Start the modeling tool. 
  2. When the License Manager dialog opens, click the Activate button.

    To open this dialog manually, select Help > License Manager.

  3. In the Activation dialog, click the Online Activation button.
  4. In the Identification Request dialog, choose one of the following methods for the license activation:

    • Select the license key file  (A).
    • Enter the credentials of the license owner account (B).   


  5. In the Registration dialog, provide your personal information (only when activating license for the first time). 
  6. In the Select Edition/Plugin dialog, select the edition of the modeling tool you want to use.
  7. In the License Configuration dialog, see the summary information of the license taken for activation from No Magic servers.

    To check the license information at a later time, select Help > About and click the Licensing tab in the open dialog.