There are five things to upgrade when migrating to a later version (not a service pack):

  1. Floating server software
    Flexera software (optional upgrade, only license upgrade to version 19.0 is necessary)
  2. Client software
    MagicDraw or MagicDraw based product, such as Cameo Systems Modeler (mandatory upgrade)
  3. Plugins
    SysML Plugin and others (mandatory upgrade)
  4. Server software
    Teamwork Server (upgrade is recommended for the full performance of new features)
  5. Repository data
    Teamwork Server projects (mandatory upgrade)

Things to consider before starting software upgrade:

  • Partial migration
    Beginning with version 17.0.4, Teamwork Server supports multiple project versions. Different teams can work with the same Teamwork Server with different project versions (e.g. 17.0.5 and 18.1). With Teamwork Server migration, only part of the projects could be migrated into the newest version. However, within a project, the same version of a modeling tool must be used. The floating server allows connecting all earlier modeling tool versions starting from version 16.9.
  • Downtime
    Please dedicate at least one day downtime for products and data migration.
  • Custom artifacts (i.e. plugins, report templates) upgrade
    After migration, custom artifacts could be incompatible. Please check compatibility in advance. Note: we can help to test compatibility, and also upgrade custom artifacts.
  • Recommended upgrade workflow
    Upgrade: Teamwork Server, floating server licenses, modeling tools, plugins, required project on Teamwork Server. Before production environment migration we suggest checking your Teamwork Server project upgrade and custom artifacts compatibility on a test environment.
  • System requirements
    Check if the new hardware and software conforms to the system requirements.



Floating license upgrade

Upgrade your floating license. See detailed instructions.

Modeling tool upgrade

Upgrade your modeling tool. See detailed instructions.

Plugin upgrade

Upgrade your plugins, such as SysML plugin. Check compatibility tables to find compatible versions of the plugins you need to upgrade. See detailed plugin upgrade instructions. If you're using your own or third-party developed plugins, contact their developers/owners for new versions and update instructions.

Collaboration tool upgrade

Upgrade the collaboration tool you are using:


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