Product Line Enineering Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

To work with Product Line Engineering (PLE) tools, you must install two plugins in modeling tools developed by No Magic Inc.:

  • The main plugin Product Line Engineering, implementing generic PLE functionality, such as a Variant Realization transformation.
  • The additional plugin, implementing integration with specific a PLE tool. For now they are:
    • For the BigLever Software Gears™ tool you need the MagicDraw/Gears Bridge plugin, provided by BigLever Software, Inc.™
    • For the pure-systems GmbH pure::variants tool you need the Pure Variants Integration plugin, provided by No Magic, Inc.™
    • If you are a PLE tool vendor, you can also develop your own integration plugin using Open API, provided by the main PLE plugin.

To manipulate with model variants, the following software should be installed on your machine:

  • MagicDraw or other modeling tool developed by No Magic Inc.
  • Product Line Engineering plugin for the modeling tool.
  • For pure::variants users:
  • For  Gears users:
    • MagicDraw/Gears Bridge plugin for the modeling tool.
    • Gears (7.7 or later).