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An Interface Control Document (ICD) tables describes the interfaces between systems or/and subsystems. That helps to ensure a compatibility between system components.

Blackbox ICD Table represents all external Ports/interfaces of the selected Block. The table is useful when trying to identify what kind of inputs and outputs are available in the selected system.


The distiller system has two inputs (dirty water and q in) and three outputs (bypass, purified and sludge). In this case, the Port dirty water, Port purified, Port bypass support such value properties as: water temp, water press, etc. Pay attention, that the input to distiller is a dirty water (row 1) and the output from distiller is purified water (row 4). Both of them contains the same properties but it may have different values defined (they are not defined in the figure).

Distiller Blackbox ICD Table

A Blackbox ICD Table consists of the following columns.

Column nameDescription
#A row number.
~ ^Displays if Port is conjugated (~) or inherited (^).
Port NameA Port name.
Port TypeA Port type.
Type FeaturesDisplays all the features (e.g., Flow property, Part property) of the Port type.
DirectionDisplays a combined direction prefix of the Port.
DocumentationDisplays a documentation text. If it is not described, click Edit to edit.
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