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The rollup calculations are among the most common use cases in systems engineering. System modelers want to calculate total mass, cost, power, or another system dimension, based on individual values of all the parts in the model. The pattern can recursively propagate the particular value up a hierarchy of components characterized by this value.

The Rollup Pattern Wizard allows your to calculate the total cost, mass, power, or another system metric of elements in model. Different types of pattern Blocks can be created to suit the calculation needs. The Rollup Pattern Wizard automatically applies pattern Blocks (using the Generalization) to a single Block or multiple Blocks recursively and creates property values.  

To open the Rollup Pattern Wizard

  1. Right-click the Block for which you want to apply a pattern Block and select:
    • Tools > Apply Rollup Pattern, if you want to apply pattern Block for the selected Block.
    • Tools > Remove Rollup Pattern, if you want to remove pattern Block from the selected Block.

The Rollup Pattern Wizard consists of two steps:

Rollup Pattern Wizard

Selecting/ removing the pattern Block

To select/remove the pattern Block

  1. Click to expand the list of available pattern Blocks.
  2. Choose rollup pattern Block which you want to apply/ remove.

Selecting the options

Apply Rollup Pattern BoxDescription
Apply RecursivelyApplies the pattern Block recursively.
Set Role NameSets the role names of Part Properties.
Set Subsetted PropertiesSets the Subsetted Properties of the Part Properties.
Create Value Properties and RedefineCreates and redefines Value Properties.
Remove Rollup Pattern BoxDescription
Recursively Remove Rollup Pattern
Removes the pattern Block recursively.
Remove Role Name
Removes the role names of Part Properties.
Remove Subsetted PropertiesRemoves the Subsetted Properties of the Part Properties.
Remove Value PropertiesRemoves Value Properties.