SysML Plugin 18.5 Documentation

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The SysML Plugin 19.0 will be extended with the support of SysML 1.5 specification and Connector Property representation in the Internal Block Diagram. Please don't forget to give us your feedback on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

SysML 1.5 Support

We are proud to announce that our tools will support the new SysML 1.5 specification as of 19.0 LTR! The main change is the new concept of Abstract Requirement, allowing you to extend the Requirement concept and base it on any kind of model elements.

The Property-Based Requirement as Constraint Block extension.

Connector Property Support

You will be able to represent Association Block usages in the Internal Block Diagrams. Simply drag the Association Block from the model onto a Connector to set it as its type and automatically create a Connector Property symbol with a dashed line attached to the Connector.

The Plumbing Connector Property is created after dragging the Plumbing Association Block on the p2 Connector.

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