SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR Documentation

The Project Properties dialog provides general information about a project. You can add a title, author, version, and project description using this dialog.

To open the Project Properties dialog

  1. Open the project.
  2. Select the Project Properties command from the File menu.


    The project title is assigned as a value of the project Documentation property.

To specify compatibility range

  1. Enter the Version value.
  2. Enter the Compatible with. The value must be less or equal to Version value.
  3. Click OK after you are done.

Compatible With

Compatible With defines forward compatibility range between two Standard/System profile versions. Once specified, it helps to avoid read-only constraints in TWCloud projects in cases client uses earlier profile versions locally compared to those used in the server project.

When the Version of the Standard/System profile on the user's computer is earlier (e.g. 19.0 SP1) than the Version of this profile on TWCloud (e.g. 19.0 SP3), but higher or equal to the value of Compatible with (e.g. 19.0), the user will still be able to edit TWCloud projects using the profile.

To use advanced options

  1. Click More to see more options:
    • Review project statistics in the Statistics tab.
    • See the list of shared packages in the Shared Packages tab. In this tab you can:
      • Define a preferred path to the particular package. Click the ... button to select the package in the Preferred Path value box.
      • Set the project as a standard/system profile. Select the Standard/System Profile check box for this.


        The Shared Packages tab is available for local projects only.

    • The Used Projects tab shows the projects and standard/system profiles used in the open project. Click the Open Project Usages button to open the Used Projects dialog, where you can modify project usages.
    • The Advanced tab shows project meta information. In this tab you can:
      • Reset all project element IDs. All project elements have their own ID (a unique identifier). While working with several related projects, you may receive a message about duplicated element IDs. After clicking the Reset IDs button, new IDs will be created for all project elements.


        Make sure the project you are resetting IDs for is not used in other projects.

      • Reset the project ID. After clicking the Reset Project ID button, new IDs are created for the project.

        You cannot reset the project ID forserverprojects.



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