SysML Plugin

Released on: July 1, 2022

SysML Plugin 2022x introduces several Instantiation Wizard improvements that will allow you to customize Instance Specifications before creating them, e.g., define their names and apply custom stereotypes. In addition, the plugin now supports the upcoming SysML 1.7 specification and provides an easier way to perform requirement verification in Requirement Tables.

Instantiation Wizard Improvements

SysML Plugin 2022x brings several improvements in automatic instance creation using the Instantiation Wizard. You can now save time by specifying the names and custom stereotypes of Instance Specifications while creating them. We have also introduced new UI options that will help you select the elements to be instantiated quicker than before. Last but not least, the Instantiation Wizard performance has been improved for even better user experience.

Instantiation Wizard improvements.
SysML 1.7 Support

As of version 2022x, the SysML Plugin supports the upcoming SysML 1.7 specification which brings the following changes:

  • The QUDV model library for owned operations has been updated. The dependsOnUnits owned operation has been redefined with the dependsOnUnits operation owned by Unit for the following blocks: SimpleUnit, DerivedUnit, and ConversionBasedUnit. The dependsOnQuantityKinds owned operation for the SimpleQuanitityKind block has been redefined with the dependsOnQuantityKinds operation owned by QuantityKind.

  • In the QUDV model library, the multiplicity of Prefix::Symbol has been changed from [1] to [0..1].
  • A new symbol property allows renaming allocation compartments according to the SysML 1.7 standard. The "allocatedTo" compartment will be renamed to "allocatedToElements", and the "allocatedFrom" compartment to"allocatedElements".

Easier Requirement Verification

Performing automated Requirements verification in Requirement Tables is now easier as verification-specific columns and Legend are auto-displayed once the verification context - block or instance - is assigned.