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You can configure the environment parameters through the Teamwork Cloud Admin (TWAdmin) configuration file. The configuration file, production.conf, is located in the directory configuration,  where you unzipped the TWCloud install file. For example, on Linux,  /opt/twcloud/TWAdmin/configuration/production.conf

Once you have installed the TWAdmin, you need to configure the system because all values in the configuration file are default values. TWAdmin will load the configuration file every time it starts. Therefore, changes made to the configuration file will be applied once you restart it.

The following are the environment parameters of TWAdmin that you may want to change.

Setting server protocol

TWAdmin is a web server. You can select the protocol settings between http and https by configuring the parameter "protocol". To change the setting, search for the text "protocol =" and select either http or https as the valid value. For example:

     protocol = "https"

Setting server port

The default port of TWAdmin is 8111. You can change it by changing the value of the parameter "port". For example:

     port = 8112 

Setting TWCloud server IPs

By default, TWAdmin will connect to the TWCloud server on the same machine. However, you can configure it to connect to another TWCloud server by changing the value of the parameter "servers". If you want to connect to another server, search for the text "servers =" and change the value, for example:

      servers = [""]  

This setting tells TWAdmin to connect to the TWCloud server on the IP with the default port 3579. If you configure a different port number for the server, for example, 3580, you will need to specify the port number like the following.

      servers = [""]

If you set up TWCloud as a cluster of two or more servers, you can specify a list of values, for example,

      servers = ["", "", ""] 
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