Teamwork Cloud 18.4 Documentation

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You need the migration tool to migrate your database from CEDW 18.3 to Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) 18.4. The migration tool and the TWCloud installer are available for download at the same location.


To download the migration tool

  1. Open
  2. Click the Login button. You will be redirected to
  3. Type your login name/email and password, and then click .
  4. Select Teamwork Cloud from the Download list.
  5. Select the version and edition that you want to download and click .

    Figure 1: Selecting the version and edition of TWCloud.

  6. Click the migrationtool_184 for your operating system. The download page will open. 

    Figure 2: Downloading the migration tool for TWCloud.

  7. Select the mirror site near you and click Download. The file will be downloaded to your computer.

    Figure 3: Selecting the nearest mirror site to download the migration tool.


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