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Upon installing and configuring Cassandra on your machine, you can start Cassandra. 

How to start Cassandra on Linux

  1. Start Cassandra using the following command:

    $ sudo service cassandra start 

  2. Issue the following command to verify that Cassandra is ready:

    $ tail /var/log/cassandra/cassandra.log 


  3. Verify that the command prompt contains a line similar to the following example:
    INFO 15:51:58,644 Node/ state jump to normal
    INFO 15:51:58,650 Waiting for gossip to settle before accepting client requests... 
    INFO 15:52:06,650 No gossip backlog; proceeding


  4. If you get an out of memory error when starting Cassandra (Figure 1) you need to open the file /etc/cassandra/conf/ 

    and increase the Java stack size from JVM_OPTS="$JVM_OPTS -Xss180k" to JVM_OPTS="$JVM_OPTS -Xss228k" (Figure 2). 

    Out of Memory Error when Starting Cassandra

    Figure 1: Out of memory error due to insufficient Java stack size

    Figure 2: Increasing Java stack size


How to stop Cassandra on Linux

  • Use the following command

    $ sudo service cassandra stop



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