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In order for the Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) server and Teamwork Cloud Admin (TWAdmin) to start, you need to start Cassandra first (see Starting Cassandra on Linux). Once your Cassandra is started, you can start the TWCloud server to connect your client to the server or work on your project using TWAdmin. This section provides the instructions to start the TWCloud server and TWAdmin on Linux either as a service or from the executable file.


$  sudo service twcloud-svc start
$ cd <TWCloud install folder>
$ ./twcloud
$ sudo service twcloud-svc stop


Stopping the server will cause any other users or clients' sessions to become unresponsive; therefore, they can no longer access the server and perform all operations such as check out projects, commit or update changes. It is recommended that you stop the following sequentially: TWAdmin, the TWCloud server, and Cassandra.


You can also start TWAdmin as a service or from the executable file.


$ sudo service twadmin-svc start
$ cd <TWAdmin install folder>
$ ./twadmin
$ sudo service twadmin-svc stop


To get started working with TWCloud in MagicDraw and using TWAdmin, you need to apply the TWCloud license. Click here for the instructions License management.


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