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The configuration settings described in this section are optional. You only need to configure them if the default setting is not suitable for your environment. The Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) system will load the configuration file every time it starts. Therefore, changes made to the configuration file will be applied once you restart it.


Changing log file location

You can configure the logging system of the TWCloud server and Teamwork Cloud Admin (TWAdmin) by using logback.xml. This file is located in the folder configuration of the TWCloud and TWAdmin. You can change the name or location of the file by editing the following line in the file logback.xml.

  • On the TWCloud server, look for the following line:



  • In TWAdmin, look for the following line:



When changing the log file name and location, you need to be sure that the user account to your Operating System (OS) that you will use to start the TWCloud server and TWAdmin has the write permission in the new configured location. To learn more about logback configuration, see

Setting server port

The default port number of the TWCloud server for the client to connect to is 3579. However, the port number is changeable. If you would like to change the default port number, for example, to 3580, you can configure this in TWCloud configuration file, application.conf Search for the content shown below.

esi {
		# The ip address to bind to
		# InetAddress.getLocalHost.getHostAddress is used if empty
		host = ""
		# Port for client application to connect to. 
		# This is corresponding to the port specified when connecting from client such as MagicDraw 
		port = 3579


The configuration file, application.conf, is located in the directory configuration under the TWCloud program folder. For example, /opt/TeamworkCloud/TWCloud/configuration/application.conf. The configuration file is in HOCON format ("Human-Optimized Config Object Notation"). For more information about HOCON file format, visit the following link

Please note that MagicDraw and TWAdmin are considered as clients of the TWCloud server. Consequently, if you change this setting,  you will have to specify the port number while connecting from MagicDraw and will have to update the TWAdmin configuration accordingly.

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