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If you already have existing data created in CEDW 18.3, you need to migrate the data to 18.4 compatible format before starting to use Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) 18.4. After successfully migrating the data, you will need to update the projects to enable project editing. Upgrading your CEDW 18.3 to TWCloud 18.4 is also possible without migrating your database. If you do not need to keep your existing data, you can simply skip the migration steps and delete your database folder.

Warning: Check the schema version before upgrading TWCloud

Before upgrading your TWCloud, check if the schema of your current TWCloud is the same as that of TWCloud you are going to upgrade to. If both schema versions match, you can upgrade your TWCloud without the need to migrate your data. Otherwise, you need to migrate your data.

TWCloud versionSchema version
18.4 SP18
18.5 SP112
18.5 SP212
18.5 SP312
19.0 beta15


If you start TWCloud 18.4 with Cassandra database created using CEDW 18.3 without migrating your data first, the TWCloud server will fail to start and an error message similar to the following will appear in server.log:

ERROR 2016-05-10 12:28:21.977 Connection to Cassandra failed [CoreManagerComponent, Component Resolve Thread]

The following instructions explain how to upgrade to TWCloud 18.4, migrate data from CEDW 18.3 to TWCloud 18.4, and update the projects.

To upgrade to TWCloud 18.4

  1. Uninstall CEDW 18.3 from your machine. Do not uninstall Cassandra.
  2. If you want to migrate your data, you can do it at this point. Otherwise, delete the Cassandra database folder from your machine if you do not need it.


    By default, the Cassandra database folder is located in:

    • Linux: /var/lib/cassandra
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\DataStax Community\data
  3. Install TWCloud 18.4 on Linux or on Windows.



  • The migration tool is a zip file that should be on the same download page as the TWCloud installer file.
  • If your database has already been migrated, you should see a message informing you that the database is up to date.

To migrate data from CEDW 18.3 to TWCloud 18.4

  1. Stop TWCloud server if it is running.
  2. Confirm that Cassandra is up and running.
  3. Run the command, nodetool drainto flush all memtables from the node to SSTables on disk.

    C:\> cd "Program Files\DataStax Community\apache-cassandra\bin"
    C:\> nodetool drain

    For more information about the command, click this link:

  4. Stop Cassandra.
  5. Back up the Cassandra database on your machine.
  6. If you want to upgrade your Cassandra version to 2.2.5, uninstall the old version and install Cassandra 2.2.5 in this step.


    TWCloud 18.4 supports Cassandra 2.2.5 and is NOT compatible with Cassandra 3.x.x.

  7. Start Cassandra and confirm that it is up and running.
  8. Download the migration tool zip and extract the zip file.
  9. Start the migration tool (migrator for Linux or migrator.exe for Windows).
  10. Issue the command, twcloud migrate, from the osgi console to start migration to TWCloud 18.4, as in the following example.

    osgi> twcloud migrate


  11. Wait for the migration process to complete (Figure 1).

    Figure 1: Successful data migration from CEDW 18.3 to TWCloud 18.4.
  12. Start TWCloud server.

Once you have successfully migrated data to TWCloud 18.4, you will need to update the projects in the database to the latest version. A project that is not yet updated will open in read-only mode. When you open the project in MagicDraw, a notification will appear (Figure 2) telling you that project editing is disabled, because it uses system or standard profiles that are incompatible with the current installation. You can see the same notification in the Notification Window (Figure 3). You will need to update it first before you can edit it.

Figure 2: Pop-up notification explaining that project editing is disabled due to incompatibilities in the profiles.

Figure 3: Notification in the Notification Window informing you that project editing is disabled due to incompatibilities in the profiles.

A user role with the Administer Projects permission, such as the Project Manager, must log into the TWCloud server and update the project before you can edit it.

To update projects after data migration to enable project editing (for a user role with the Administer Projects permission)

  1. On the MagicDraw main menu, click Collaborate > Login.
  2. Type your username and password.
  3. Enter the server name and select the server type.
  4. Click Collaborate > Projects. The Manage Projects dialog will open.
  5. Select a project and click . A dialog prompting you to update the System/Standard Profiles in the project will open (Figure 4).

    Figure 4: The pop-up dialog box that will prompt you to update the UML_Standard_Profile in the project to allow editing.
  6. Click . MagicDraw will update your project, and the notification about successfully updating will appear (Figure 5).

    Figure 5: The pop-up notification window which appears to inform you that the project has been updated.
  7. You can also open the Notification Window to see the same message about successfully updating the project (Figure 6).

    Figure 6: The Notification Window which will show when a project has been updated.
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