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Released on: July 29, 2016




In version 18.4, Cameo Enterprise Data Warehouse (CEDW) is now called Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) to reflect our evolving portfolio. The new version features the capability to transfer data from CEDW 18.3 to TWCloud 18.4, and to create and assign replicas of roles/assignments of another user. Download it today at or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook.







Efficient Collaboration with Teamwork Cloud




Many new features have been added to promote efficiency and clarity when collaboratively building models using Teamwork Cloud. The Commit Project to the Server window presents the changed elements during the local session in a nested tree view with simple navigation. You will now see a notification if another member of your team commits an update to the model on which you are working.  Significant new functionality has been added for project administrators to manipulate Project Usages in Teamwork Cloud.




  Figure 1:The new Commit Project to Server window in which all changed elements are highlighted in a color that corresponds to a particular action in the dialog box.






These new features give you the ability to:

  • Embed in local projects.
  • Remove a project usage (including standard/system profiles).
  • Lock and unlock project usages.
  • Change or update sticky version of a project usage.
  • Reload usages from local project file.
  • Import a used project into the model.











Offline Mode for Server Projects




When working on a model stored in Teamwork Cloud, you can now store an offline copy of a project, and commit project changes later. By clicking on the Save Changes Locally command in the Collaborate menu, you can disconnect from the server, and reconnect later to commit your changes. Offline mode also allows you to work on several Teamwork Cloud projects at the same time, even if those projects are located on different servers. This new feature results in faster and safer modeling by allowing you to save incremental changes locally, continue modeling without a server connection, and reduce the amount of time spent committing those changes to the server.  




Figure 2: The Manage Projects window showing the multiple projects feature that allows you to have several Teamwork Cloud projects open at once. 








More Improvements




Data migration is the process of copying data from CEDW 18.3 to Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) 18.4. Data migration is required to update your Cassandra database before starting to work with TWCloud 18.4. The migration tool (migrator for Linux or migrator.exe for Windows) allows you to transfer your data using the command, twcloud migrate.

Learn more about Data Migration >>


Creating and assigning roles/assignments in Teamwork Cloud Admin (TWAdmin) are much quicker now with the new Copy Role Assignment capability. This capability allows you to duplicate the roles/assignments of a user, and assign them to one or more users. The TWAdmin interface added this feature on both the Role Management page and the User Detail page. 

Learn more about Copy Role Assignment >> 




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