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Besides allowing you to search for individual types that limit search results to username or project name only, Teamwork Cloud Admin (TWAdmin) provides a multi-type search capability that enables searching for multiple type of contents. The multi-type search box is located in the upper-right corner of the TWAdmin page. The benefit of this multi-type search is that the search result can return all entries or a specific type containing the character(s) entered.

The multi-type search box in TWAdmin.

This multi-type search allows you to select one of the four type qualifiers to limit your search results: All, Users, Projects, or Roles. All matching usernames, projects, roles, or a combination of them will appear as a drop-down list. 

To search for a username, a project, or a role that contains a specific keyword or character

  1. Click  and select All, Users Projects, or Roles. If you do not select any type, All is the default search type. In this example, select Users.

    Searching for a user using the multi-type search box.
  2. Type the name of the user or you can type a keyword or characters that you think the username, the project, or the role may contain.

    The multi-type search box is now ready to search for a user.
  3. Press Enter. All usernames that match the keyword on a drop-down list in the Search box.

    All matching usernames appear on the search drop-down list.


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