Teamwork Cloud 18.5 SP1 Documentation

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Discover all the newest updates, features and performance improvements available with the next release of Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) 19.0. Our primary goal is to provide you with a stable and reliable release coupled with new feature highlights to improve team collaboration and integration, and support for Cassandra 3.0. And please don't forget to give us your feedback on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

User Groups (LDAP Groups)

A user group in TWCloud is considered as a single user. Roles are granted to the group instead of individual users in the group. Role assignments are given once, for all users in a group. When a user leaves the user group, the permissions for that user are automatically revoked. User groups in TWCloud  are categorized into native and external groups. A user creates a native user group, while an external user group is imported from an LDAP server. Unlike the native group, the external user group content and role assignments are not modifiable.

Figure 1: Creating a new user group.

Once a user group has been imported from an LDAP server, its users automatically become external users and you can synchronize the user group to update information.

Figure 2: Importing an LDAP user group.
Disconnected Team Collaboration

This release enhances the ability to work with partners on the same model while having two or more separate Teamwork Clouds.

OSLC support 

TWCloud adds OSLC support to enable easier and more effective integrations of resources and OAuth 1.0 support, allowing secure authorization for third-party to access server resources.

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