Teamwork Cloud 18.5 SP3 Documentation

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The installer file includes both Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) and Teamwork Cloud Admin (TWAdmin) in its installation package. Once the installation completes, you will have both TWCloud and TWAdmin installed on your machine. 


If the installation path contains any of the following characters, like '[', ']', '(', ')', '!', '@', '#', '$', '#', '%', '{', '}', '+', '=', or ';' the installation procedure cannot be completed successfully and the login page will not load. If, for example, the install path is C:\Program Files\TeamworkCloud, which does not contain any of the special characters, the installation will not fail.

To install TWCloud by using the installer file on Windows

  1. Run the file, twcloud_185_sp3_installer_win64.exe. The Introduction section will open. 
  2. Click . The License Agreement section will open. 
  3. Accept the license agreement terms and click .
  4. Type the name or IP of the machine on which you want to install TWCloud and click .

  5. Enter the node IP. If your machine is a single node server or the first node in the cluster, enter the IP of your machine,
  6. Select the Java VM installed on your machine for running TWCloud, for example, C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_152\bin\java.exe, and click .

  7. Select a location on your machine where you want to install TWCloud and click . The Pre-Installation Summary section will open.

  8. Check if everything is correct.

  9. Click . The installer will install TWCloud on your machine. 

  10. Upon successful installation, click  to close the installation window.


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