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This section provides two methods to uninstall Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud), Teamwork Cloud Admin (TWAdmin), and Cassandra using the command line and using the uninstall file. The uninstall file is located in your TeamworkCloud folder.

Using command line to uninstall

To uninstall TWCloud, TWAdmin, and Cassandra

  1. Stop TWCloud and Authentication Server.
  2. Delete the directory in which TWCloud is installed. 
  3. Uninstall Cassandra using the following commands: 
$ sudo service cassandra stop
$ sudo yum remove cassandra22-2.2.8-1

Using the uninstall file

The uninstall file is available for Linux and Windows (.bin for Linux and .exe for Windows).

On Linux

To uninstall TWCloud using the uninstall file

  1. Stop TWCloud and Authentication server services using the following commands:

    $ sudo service twcloud-svc stop
    $ sudo service authserver stop

  2. Run the uninstall file.

    Uninstalling TWCloud and TWAdmin.
  3. Press Enter to continue.

    Uninstalling TWCloud and TWAdmin.
  4. Type either 1 to completely uninstall TWCloud and TWAdmin or 2 to uninstall selected features and follow the instructions. A message informing that uninstallation is complete will appear.

    Successful uninstallation of TWCloud and TWAdmin.

On Windows

To uninstall TWCloud using the uninstall file

  1. Stop Teamwork Cloud service and AuthServer service from Services window.

  2. Run the uninstall file. The Uninstall Teamwork Cloud dialog will open.

    Uninstalling TWCloud and TWAdmin using the uninstall file on Windows.

  3. Click . TWCloud will uninstall itself. The dialog will close once the uninstallation is complete.

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