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UAF 1.2 Plugin

Planned release in: July, 2022

Methods and Standards

Beginning with this version, the UAF 1.2 Plugin is available for use in production. The UAF 1.2 Profile is fully supported in UAF, UAF Enterprise Architect, DoDAF, DoDAF 2.0, MODAF, NAF, and NAF 4.0 frameworks. The following migration will be necessary:

Learn more about the duration of project migration >>

IMPORTANT! The UAF 1.1 Plugin is no longer available.

Evolution of standards
UAF 1.2 support

Together with the UAF 1.2 Profile, changes, such as new aspects*, viewpoints**, diagrams, and tables are implemented:

  • Interaction Scenarios Aspect is renamed to Sequences Aspect.
  • New Architecture Management Viewpoint:
    • New Architecture Management diagram.
    • Dictionary is a part of Architecture Management Viewpoint.
  • New Motivation Aspect:
    • New Strategic Motivation diagram.
    • Requirements view specification is a part of Motivation Aspect for operational, personnel, resources viewpoints.
    • New Security Controls diagram.
  • Improvements in Strategic Viewpoint:
    • Support of Value Streams.
    • Introduced Strategic Constraints, new Strategic Constraint table in UAF Framework, and new C8 Planning Assumption table in NAF 4.0 Framework.
    • Introduced Strategic Exchanges.
    • New Strategic Processes diagram.
  • Improvements in Services Viewpoint:
    • Introduced Service Contract constraints.
    • Introduced Service Exchanges.
    • Service Association stereotype is introduced and applied to associations between Services.
    • Resource Service introduced to model technical services, such as web services. 
  • Improvements in Security Viewpoint:
    • Risks as a cross-cutting construct bringing new Risks diagram available in most viewpoints, under Parameters Aspect.
    • New Security Constraints table.
  • Implementation Matrix enhanced and adapted to UAF 1.2 Profile.
  • Support Personnel Traceability.
    • Functions to Operational Activities and Actual Responsible  Resources to Actual Project Mapping matrices are available in Personnel Traceability View Specification.
  • Improvements in Information Aspect:
    • Dictionary is a part of Information Aspect.
    • Introduced Strategic Information element and new Strategic Information diagram.

*Aspects previously known as model kind.

**Viewpoints previously known as domains.

UAF 1.2 grid.
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Library Support

New DISR and UJTL library versions are now available:

  • UJTL (20220215)
  • DISR (20211110)

You can choose the library version when creating a new project. Learn more about using libraries >>

ArchiMate Import (Technology preview)

In this version, we continued developing the import of the ArchiMate model from the open exchange file into the UAF project. The imported element mapping is still only partial, but adapted to UAF 1.2 profile. Learn more >>

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