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The overview and summary information contained within the AV-1 provides executive-level summary information in a consistent form that allows quick reference and comparison between Architectural Descriptions. The written content of the AV-1 content describes the concepts contained in the pictorial representation of the OV-1.

The AV-1 frames the context for the Architectural Description. The AV-1 includes assumptions, constraints, and limitations that may affect high-level decisions relating to an architecture-based work program. It should contain sufficient information to enable a reader to select a single Architectural Description from among many to read in more detail. The AV-1 serves two additional purposes:

  • In the initial phases of architecture development, it serves as a planning guide.
  • When the architecture is built, the AV-1 provides summary information concerning who, what, when, why, and how of the plan as well as a navigation aid to the models that have been created.

The AV-1 may be used to:

  • Scope the architecture effort.
  • Provide context to the architecture effort.
  • Define the architecture effort.
  • Summarize the findings from the architecture effort.
  • Assist search within an architecture repository.


The AV-1 can be represented:

  • Using an AV-1 diagram which is based on the UML Class diagram.
    AV-1 Overview and Summary Information
  • Using the following (.docx) reports:

    - AV-1 Overview and Summary Information.

    - AV-1 DARS.


The AV-1 Overview & Summary Information report includes summarizing information about all developed viewpoints and views.

The AV-1 DARS report includes the same information as in the AV-1 Overview & Summary Information report and also some additional data that are required particularly by DoD Architecture Registry System (DARS). The AV-1 DARS report has the DARS compatible structure. Before generating the report you must load the DARS template in AV-1 and provide the template with relevant data.

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