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The CV-2 captures capability taxonomies. The model presents a hierarchy of capabilities. These capabilities may be presented in context of a timeline – i.e., it can show the required capabilities for current and future capabilities.

The CV-2 specifies all the capabilities that are referenced throughout one or more architectures. In addition, it can be used as a source document for the development of high-level use cases and user requirements.

The intended usage of the CV-2 includes:

  • Identification of capability requirements.
  • Capability planning (capability taxonomy).
  • Codifying required capability elements.
  • Capability audit.
  • Capability gap analysis.
  • Source for the derivation of cohesive sets of user requirements.
  • Providing reference capabilities for architectures.


CV-2 can be represented using a CV-2 diagram which is based on the UML Class diagram.

CV-2 Capability Taxonomy

The CV-2 is used to capture and organize the capability functions – required for the vision set out in the CV-1 Vision.

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