UPDM 3 Plugin 18.4 Documentation

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The CV-5 addresses the fulfillment of capability requirements.

This model shows the planned capability deployment and interconnection for a particular Capability Phase. The CV-5 can also be used to support the capability management process and, in particular, assist the planning of fielding.

The intended usage of the CV-5 includes:

  • Fielding planning.
  • Capability integration planning.
  • Capability options analysis.
  • Capability redundancy/overlap/gap analysis.
  • Identification of deployment level shortfalls.


CV-5 can be represented using:

  • A CV-5 table.
  • A CV-5 spreadsheet report.


To conduct a comprehensive analysis, several CV- 5 can be created to represent the different Actual Enterprise Phases. Each CV-5 represents different Actual Enterprise Phases defined in CV-1 Vision.

The CV-5 shows deployment of Capabilities defined in CV-2 Capability Taxonomy to specific organizations.

Deployed or No Longer Used Resources are taken from SV-1 Systems Interface Description or SvcV-1 Services Context Description.

Actual Organizational Resources are taken from OV-4.

The timing is based on PV-2 Project Timelines indicating delivery of Capabilities to Actual Organizational Resources, and also the point at which those organizational resources cease to use a particular Capability.

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