UPDM 3 Plugin 18.4 Documentation

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The CV-7 describes the mapping between the Capabilities required and the Capability Configuration that enable those capabilities.

It is important to ensure that the Capability Configurations match the required Capability. The CV-7 provides a bridge between Capability analyzed using CVs and Capability Configurations analyzed using SVs. Specifically, it identifies how Capability Configurations can be performed using various available Capability elements. It is similar in function to the SV-5a which maps system functions to Operational Activities. The Capability to Capability Configuration mappings may include both situations where a Capability Configuration fully satisfies the desired Capability and those where the Capability Configuration only partially meets the Capability requirement.

The intended usage of the CV-7 includes:

  • Tracing Capability requirements to Capability Configurations.
  • Capability audit.


CV-7 can be represented using a CV-7 diagram which is an editable Dependency Matrix. Capability Configurations are used as row elements and Capabilities are used as column elements.

CV-7 Capability to Services Mapping

This model is analogous to the SV-5a Operational Activity to System Function Traceability Matrix – but provides the interface between Capability and System Models rather than Operational to System Models.

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