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The DIV-1, a new DoDAF-described Model in DoDAF V2.0, addresses the information concepts at a high-level on an operational architecture.

The DIV-1 is used to document the business information requirements and structural business process rules of the architecture. It describes the information that is associated with the information of the architecture. Included are information items, their attributes or characteristics, and their inter-relationships.

The intended usage of the DIV-1 includes:

  • Information requirements.
  • Information hierarchy.


DIV-1 can be represented using a DIV-1 diagram which is based in the UML Class diagram.

DIV-1 Conceptual Data Model

The DIV-1 defines each kind of information classes associated with the Architectural Description scope, mission, or business as its own entity, with its associated attributes and relationships. These entity definitions correlate to OV-2 Operational Resource Flow Description information elements and OV-5b Operational Activity Model inputs, outputs, and controls.

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