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The Dictionary (DC) is a table presenting all the elements used in an architecture as a standalone structure.

This table is used for capturing:

  • elements and relationships that are involved in defining the environments applicable to capability, operational concept or set of systems.
  • measurable properties that can be used to support analysis such as KPIs, MoEs, TPIs etc.

This viewpoint lists the definitions for all the elements in the architecture, libraries of environments and measurements.


A Dictionary (DC) viewpoint is represented by:

  • Dictionary table. It contains the definitions of terms used in the given architecture. The table also consists of textual definitions in the form of a glossary, their taxonomies, and their metadata (i.e., data about architecture data), including metadata for any custom-tailored views. Architects should use standard terms where possible (i.e., terms from existing, approved dictionaries, glossaries, and lexicons). This table provides a central reference for a given architecture’s data and metadata. It enables the set of architecture description to stand alone, with minimal reference to outside resources.
  • Reports:
    - Dictionary (.docx).
    - Dictionary Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx).
    - Dictionary Tabular (.docx).



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