UPDM 3 Plugin 18.4 Documentation

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Use Automatic Instantiation wizard to instantiate any typical structure of UPDM architecture automatically.

To open the Automatic Instantiation wizard

  1. Select any number of instantiable UPDM elements.
  2. Right-click them and choose Tools > Create Instance.
    The Automatic Instantiation wizard opens.

To instantiate the proposed typical structure

  1. Select all typical classes you want to instantiate in a diagram pane or in the Model Browser.

    OV-4 Typical
  2. Right-click them and select Tools > Create Instance. 

  3. Follow the steps of the Automatic Instantiation wizard.

  4. Click Finish when you are done.
    A new OV-4 Actual diagram is created.

OV-4 Actual

For instantiable UPDM elements corresponding actual elements are created. For example, by instantiating Organization results in Actual Organization and etc. For all other structural elements UML Instance Specifications are created.


Typical UPDM element

Actual UPDM element


Actual Project

Project Milestone

Actual Project Milestone

Project Theme

Project Status

Project Milestone Role

Actual Project Milestone Role


Actual Organization

Sub Organization (Resource Role typed by and owned by Organization)

Actual Organization Role


Actual Post

Post Role (Resource Role typed by Post and owned by Organization)

Actual Organization Role

PersonActual Person
Measurement SetActual Measurement Set
MeasurementActual Measurement
LocationActual Location

Capability Configuration

Fielded Capability
EnvironmentActual Environment
ConditionActual Condition
Resource PerformerActual Resource