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An OV-6a specifies operational or business rules that are constraints on the way that business is done in the enterprise. At a top-level, rules should at least embody the concepts of operations defined in OV-1 High Level Operational Concept Graphic and provide guidelines for the development and definition of more detailed rules and behavioral definitions that should occur later in the Architectural definition process.

The intended usage of the OV-6a includes:

  • Definition of doctrinally correct operational procedures.
  • Definition of business rules.
  • Identification of operational constraints.


OV-6a can be represented using:

  • An OV-6a table.
    OV-6a Operational Rules Model
  • An OV-6a spreadsheet report.

Rules defined in an OV-6a may optionally be presented in any other OV. For example, a rule “battle damage assessment shall be carried out under fair weather conditions” may be linked to the Conduct BDA activity in OV-5b. Any natural language rule presented (e.g., in a diagram note) should also be listed in OV-6a.

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