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The Operational Connectivity (Op-Cn) matrix summarizes logical exchanges between Operational Performers of information, systems, personnel, energy etc. and the logical activities that produces and consumes them. Measurements can optionally be included.

The Operational Connectivity (Op-Cn) view addresses operational Resource Flows exchanged between Operational Activities and locations. Resource Flows provide further detail of the interoperability requirements associated with the operational capability of interest. The focus is on Resource Flows that cross the capability boundary.


The Operational Connectivity (Op-Cn) is represented by:

  • Operational Connectivity table. An  Operational Connectivity table represents exchanges between Operational Performers.
  • Role-based Operational Connectivity table. A role-based table represents exchanges between Operational Roles.

  • Reports:
    - An Operational Connectivity Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx).
    - An Operational Role Connectivity Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx).


Operational Connectivity

An example of the Operational Connectivity


An example of the Role-based Operational Connectivity

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