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A SV-2 specifies the system resource flows between systems and may also list the protocol stacks used in connections.

A SV-2 described Model is used to give a precise specification of a connection between systems. This may be an existing connection, or a specification for a connection that is to be made.

The intended usage of the SV-2 includes:

  • Resource flow specification.


SV-2 can be represented using:

  • A SV-2 diagram which is based on the UML Class diagram.
  • A SV-2 diagram which is based on the UML Composite Structure diagram.
  • A UM L Class diagram.
  • A UML Composite Structure diagram.
  • A SysML Block Definition diagram.
  • A SysML Internal Block diagram.

Any protocol referred to in a SV-2 diagram needs to be defined in the StdV-1 Standards Profile.

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