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The SvcV-7 depicts the measures (metrics) of resources. The Services Measures Matrix expands on the information presented in a SvcV-1 Services Context Description by depicting the characteristics of the resources in the SvcV-1 Services Context Description.

In addition, this model is useful in support of net-centric (service-oriented) implementation of services. Service measures for Service Level Agreements for each service and may include number of service consumers, service usage by consumers, and the minimum, average and maximum response times, allowed down time, etc. Measures of interest for a Chief Information Office or Program manager may include measures that assess service reuse, process efficiency, and business agility.

The intended usage of the SvcV-7 includes:

  • Definition of performance characteristics and measures (metrics).
  • Identification of non-functional requirements.


SvcV-7 can be represented using:

  • A SvcV-7 Typical measures table.
    SvcV-7 Services Measures Matrix
  • A SvcV-7 Actual measures table. 
    SvcV-7 actual measures table
  • A SvcV-7 actual measures spreadsheet report.
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