UPDM 3 Plugin 18.4 Documentation

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You can fill in a Role-based Resource Connectivity table by adding new or existing Resource Exchanges.

Adding existing Resource Exchanges in a Role-based Resource Connectivity table

To add an existing Resource Exchange

  1. In the table toolbar, click the Add Existing button. The Select Resource Exchange dialog opens.
  2. Select Resource Exchanges by clicking + button.
  3. Click OK when you are done.
    The rows with selected Resource Exchanges are added to the table.
  • Resource Exchanges Identifier, Resource Exchanges Item Name, Producing and Consuming Functions, and wide range of measurement cells are allowed to edit in the table.
  • Sending Resource, Receiving Resource, and Implements cells are read only. 
  • You can use Resource Exchange Manager dialog that enables to analyze and manage the Resource Exchange data. 

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