UPDM 3 Plugin 18.5 Documentation

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The UAF plugin (formerly known as the UPDM 3 Plugin) focuses on UAF Framework and UAF Profile support improvements, as well as supporting the new standard versions.

Download it today at nomagic.com or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook.

UAF Framework Support Improvements

Implements the latest OMG standard version and contains complete support of all domains and views. This includes:

  • New Strategic, Personnel, Standards, Project, Security diagrams, tables, and matrices.
  • New Traceability diagrams.
  • New Parametric diagrams.
  • New Gantt-Chart.

UPDM 3 to UAF Plugin

Beginning with Version 19.0, the UPDM 3 Plugin became known as the UAF plugin. The plugin name changed to stay in alignment with the OMG standard.

If you are using the UPDM 2 plugin, you will still be able to work with it, though you will be able to switch to the UAF Plugin at any time. Please note, there will be no reverting after migrating projects to UAF.

UAFP Support Improvements

The latest UAF Profile versions are supported. This improvement also contains:

  • Project elements changes
  • Security Control and Enhanced Security Control element changes
  • Operational / Resource Signal element changes
  • Changes of Security Measurements in DoDAF Class Library 
  • Validation rules improvements.

BPMN 2.1 Support

Starting with Version 19.0, the BPMN 2.1 standard version is supported.

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