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UPDM 3 Standard Support (Technology Preview)

It's our pleasure to introduce UPDM 3 Plugin (Technology Preview) that is based on the upcoming UPDM 3 (UAFP) standard! Modeling is less confusing and much quicker because of consistency between concepts, definitions, and semantics.

Modeling is much more efficient in UPDM 3 plugin because you can:

  • Collaborate with architects that use different but consistent frameworks easily.
  • Operate the Security concepts freely, which allows you to extend the model by defining Security elements.
  • Enjoy tight integration with SysML that allows extending UPDM models by defining SysML elements and diagrams.
  • Ensure the role of the human along with the hardware and software while engineering a system with Human Systems Integration (HSI) support.
  • Use all artifacts and model elements that are based on UPDM 3 (UAFP) standard easily.
  • Automatically migrate from UPDM 2.0 to UPDM 3.0. Please refer to Migration Guide to UPDM 3.0.
  • Smoothly go through samples and quickly access documentation. Please refer to UPDM 3 Plugin Documentation.

You‘re welcome to try UPDM 3 Plugin by importing it in Cameo Enterprise Architecture product! Pay attention that you can use only one UPDM plugin at once: UPDM 2 or UPDM 3.


Easier Swimlane Manipulation

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