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The Image Library tab displays images grouped in logical sets. You can use a bundled image collection or add your own set of images.


To open the Image Library tab

  • From the Window menu, select Image Library.
    The Image Library tab opens on the right side of the window.


To add your own set of images into Image Library, do either

  • Compress a folder with a set of desired images (.zip) and place it in the MagicDraw instalation directory: \data\imagelibraries\commonsymbols.

    Image formats

    You can add images of the following formats: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .svg, .png, .wmf.

  • Create an Image Library plugin. Follow up an example Writing plugins.


Using the Image Library tab, you can apply an image on symbol.

Image Library tab


The Image Library tab consist of three components:


Quick filter

You can search for images in the Whole hierarchy or Recently used tabs using one of the following way:

  • Simple Search: type what you want to find in the hierarchy.
  • Pattern Search: type * to find any images.

    For example, type "*Bank" if you want to find "Bank" somewhere in the hierarchy.

Image Library tree

You can drag an image from the Image Library tree directly:

  • On the symbol (image is applied for symbol).
  • To the diagram pane (image shape is created).

Image Library Preview area

You can preview the image before applying it on the symbol in the Image Library Preview area.




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