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You can modify an Instance Table in the following ways:

Sorting table data

Data in the Instance Table are by default sorted by the first column from smallest to largest number, though you can change the order of your instances in the following ways:

  • Sort the rows by another column.
  • Move the selected rows up or down.


To sort data by selected column

  • Click the header of the column by which you want to sort the instance table data. A small arrow showing the automatic sort order appears on the column header. Clicking the header once makes the rows sorted in the ascending order. Clicking the header twice makes the rows sorted in the descending order. All the rows in the table become automatically renumbered after sorting.
    Sort order identification on columns


To move a row up or down

  1. Select the row.
  2. Do either:
    • On the table toolbar, click the Up or Down button appropriately.
    • Right-click the row and select the Up or Down command appropriately.
    • Press Ctrl+Up Arrow or Ctrl+Down Arrow appropriately.
    The selected row as well as associated rows becomes automatically renumbered after moving.

Reordering columns

To reorder the columns

  • Click the column header and drag it to a desired place. Only the first column cannot be moved.


Hiding single columns

To hide a single column

  • Right-click the column and select Hide.
    Hiding single column

Filtering table data

By filtering data in the table you can quickly find the needed instances. This is especially handy when you are working with a large table containing many rows and columns.

Instances can be filtered by a phrase specified in the Filter box. The search for the phrase can be performed either in the whole table or in the selected columns. You can also specify the case sensitivity,

whether you want to use the wild cards or regular expression, and how the results should match the specified phrase.

Specifying options for filtering data


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