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titleNews of earlier versions

Released on: April 28, 2017

In this release, No Magic introduces logging on to a Teamwork Cloud server using a Single Sign On authentication service, some enhancements in diagram legends, and several critical bug fixes. Download it today at, or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook. Also, please check the latest documentation and additional resources.

titleFor server project users

Please note: Cameo Systems Modeler 18.5 SP1 is ONLY compatible with Teamwork Cloud 18.5 SP1. Make sure you are upgrading both the modeling tool and server.

Single Sign-On Authentication

With this release, the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature is presented to log on to a Teamwork Cloud server. Learn more about SSO >>

Logging to the Teamwork Cloud page with SSO.
Enhancements in Legends
  • Gives the ability to specify the line width and style applied to an adorned symbol.
  • Now it is possible to select whether legend items are represented as shapes or paths on a legend symbol.

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Edit Compartments of Multiple Symbols

You can now edit compartments of multiple symbols at once. Select any number of symbols and from the shortcut menu, click the Edit Compartments command.

Learn more about displaying or hiding elements in compartments on shapes >>

Learn more about path compartments >>

Key Issues Fixed in this Service Pack

Modeling related issues

  • Issues with a Part conversion to Port are fixed. The conversion process does not cause any model inconsistency or unhandled errors in your project. 
  • In IBD diagrams, replace a type by dragging. Remap a connector to a nested port of a new type using a drag-and-drop operation. 
  • After a connector is updated in a diagram, the validation error appears if a new connection violates some modeling rules. Now it allows users to decide how to solve the connection-related issue, instead of silent restoring to the original status of the connector. 
  • All elements are marked in the Containment tree after selecting elements in the diagram or table and executing a command to mark them in the Containment tree by pressing Alt+B.
  • Images saved to the .emf format are better quality. 

Collaboration related issues

Over 100 issues have been fixed to enhance collaborative working. The main highlights are as follows:

  • All project comments are now kept safe after restarting the Teamwork Server.
  • Issues resulting after updating a Teamwork Cloud server project have been found and fixed.
  • To commit the project to the Teamwork Cloud smoothly, various irrelevant elements are removed from the project during the commitment.
  • Open API methods, related to detecting user connection to a server, reflect the ''Is Logged In" state correctly now.
  • The issue allowing users with proper permissions to open a server project if the project has references to another project inaccessible for those users is fixed.
  • The issue related to memory leaks while exporting server projects from Teamwork Server to Teamwork Cloud has been fixed.
  • The bug ensuring access is granted to project users when a part of the project is exported is fixed.


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